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About Us

Our Story

Prime Point IT has been doing IT services since 2008. We started as a division of Reliant Group, a facility services company with a portfolio of customers including Fortune 500 companies across the Pacific Northwest.

As small-business owners, we’ve seen first-hand the challenges that entrepreneurs face when competing against the Amazon’s of the world.

With a common goal of solving small-business IT challenges and a commitment to social responsibility, Prime Point IT was born.

“Computers aren’t just tools to make manual processes fast, but tools to transform our employees into knowledge workers. We have a responsibility to empower our clients and partners to succeed.”

Social Responsibility

If small-business owners are facing technology problems, non-profits must be having the same challenges – and that is a fight with stakes too large to lose.

For every hour we sell, we will donate an hour to a non-profit. We also refurbish and recycle equipment from our enterprise clients and put them back to use for non-profit partners. Our non-profits are helping solve problems that are overlooked and underfunded. We have a responsibility to help our non-profit community partners and we encourage our clients to join us in having an influence in our social impact. 


Scott Nguyen / CEO & Co-founder
In 2004, Scott Nguyen launched Reliant Group, Inc. after working at GMAC as their Director of Facilities Western Region. At GMAC he launched 142 branch offices over the course of one year. Now with Reliant Group, he was able to take that to the next level with solving common challenges facilities face – bringing dozens of overlapping services under one roof.

Christian Castro / President & Co-founder

Christian Castro spent his entire career working in IT. First, as a systems engineer working through several Managed Service Providers serving both small-businesses and enterprise clients. Over the last decade he has managed several IT companies and small-businesses. Christian joined Reliant in 2015 to create the next evolution of IT services. 

Gina Sim / Business Manager

With a history of working with non-profits and database/analytics wizardry, Gina runs  our office and social responsibility program.